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    set variable on multiple values



      set variable on multiple values


      Hi, I need a little rookie help.  

      I have a table A with field-1 that has different text values( unique ). I want to be able to put checkboxes beside field-1 on a layout and have the user select the desired values and then do a find on those values on another layout ? 

      I can think of a simple loop script but is there any command out there that grabs multiple values from the checked boxes and can do a find on it at once?

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          That would depend on whether you want to find all records that have checkbox value 1 and Value 2 and value 3 or if you wnat all records that have check box value 1 or value 2 or value 3....

          For the second option, a scripted find would need a loop to set up the find criteria before performing the find, but if you use a single field formatted with check box values, you could set up a relationship where that check formatted field is the match field and then go to related records could pull up a set of records with value1 or value 2... type logic.

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            the checkbox has one value of "1". I'm trying to script it in a way where the system grabs the values in field-1 from the records with the checkbox value 1  and then do a search on them .


            So if i do the second option, i will have to connected the table with its own instance checkbox = checkbox? 


            One more thing, is there a way to make the checkboxes "global"in a way or unique to each user? I have multiple users who would be using the layout at the same time . 

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              I can't picture exactly what you are trying to do with these checkboxes and exactly how you want this process to work.

              The values of global fields and global variables cannot be accessed by other users. Each user that logs into a hosted database get their own "virtual copy" and changes they make to such fields and variables are not visible to other users.

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                my objective is to allow the users to select parts from a portal list via the checkboxes and then hit a search button which will then take them to another layout and showing only the parts that were selected. 

                Now if i assign the checkbox field as global, that will populate the same field in all records with 1, which will defeat the purpose of me trying to get the users to select certain parts in the portal. If i  leave the checkbox as a non-global number field then it might conflict when there are multiple users trying to run a search on selected parts ( parts will show up in a search that another user has selected on a non-global checkbox field ) . 

                So i'm trying to find a way where one or more parts can be selected by each user and it will not conflict when they run their searches. 



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                  I suggest looking at the "check boxes with scroll bars" examples found in "Adventures in FileMaking #2 - enhanced value selection". The examples here show how to use mouse clicks on buttons (that look and function like check boxes) to build a return separated list of values in a field or variable.

                  In your situation, I'd build the list in a field that I then set up as the match field in a relationship to a different occurrence of your portal's table. Then a Go to Related Records script step can pull up a found set of just the records you selected.

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                    I will try that. Thanks for your ongoing support on this forum. Appreciated.