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Set variable on User log in

Question asked by DanielClark on Feb 16, 2011
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Set variable on User log in


I have my database sitting on a server with other Filemaker users accessing it via the Filemaker network. Every user has a user name and password to access the FM Network. I use buttons on certain layouts that allow access to data on a server. THere are two different root drives on the server - one meant for certain users, the other drive meant for others. I want the database to know who logs in, so say if John Smith logs in - I can tell the script on the button to mount Drive 1 to access the data - while if Jane Doe logs in, Drive 2 will be mounted via that script. I know what I have to do with the script - I want to use a variable that is set via that user to set the path of the drive to mount. How do I do this? Thanks.