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Set Window Title

Question asked by nolak37 on Jun 24, 2010
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Set Window Title



I have a script that opens a new window and goes to one of 2 layouts depending if gender is set to male or female, this is determined by an if statement.


After both if statements I have show/hide status area Lock;Hide, Allow Toolbars OFF, and Set window title [Current window; Pts::LName & " " Pts::FName & " " Pts::DOB]


Problem here is that when I press the button to run th script the title comes out blank. As an experiment I set ( <<Pts::LName>> ) at top of page and this works perfectly. Also I noticed that if i return to the same record 2-3 min later and run the script it does set the title.


Has anyone experienced something like this, am I doing something wrong?