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    Set zoom level script



      Set zoom level script


      I'm using FM 10 Advanced. Is there a way to set the zoom level by script?  I don't mean with the set zoom level scipt step. Since I use FM on a desktop and a laptop, I like to use different values on each computer. Perhaps with a drop down menu where I can select the zoom level on startup?

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             I am not sure what you are asking. If you dont want to use the Set Zoom Level script step, but still want to script the process, what do you have in mind?
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               I would like to change the zoom level easily. If I use the set zoom script step I would need a script for each zoom level I want to use since the zoom script step has to be changed manually. I would prefer to prefer to use say a script variable to set the zoom level. I don't think this is possible and I'm wondering if there is some other way? I would like the startup script allow me to set the level when I run the file on different computers.
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              You can use a global field ( lets call it gSelectZoom ) with a value list to allow the users to choose what zoom level.


              You would still have to use the script step with conditions. You can use a script trigger to call it if you wish or button.



              If [ gSelectZoom = 25 ]

                 Set Zoom Level [ 25% ]

              Else If [ gSelectZoom = 50 ]

                 Set Zoom Level [ 50% ]

              Else If [ gSelectZoom = 75 ]

                 Set Zoom Level [ 75% ]

              Else If [ gSelectZoom = 150 ]

                 Set Zoom Level [ 150% ]

              Else If [ gSelectZoom = 200 ]

                 Set Zoom Level [ 200% ]

              Else If [ gSelectZoom = 300 ]

                 Set Zoom Level [ 300% ]

              Else If [ gSelectZoom = 400 ]

                 Set Zoom Level [ 400% ]


                 Set Zoom Level [ 100% ]

              End If







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                Exit Loop If [ GetAsNumber ( Get ( WindowZoomLevel ) ) = gZoomLevel ]
                If [ GetAsNumber ( Get ( WindowZoomLevel ) ) < gZoomLevel ]
                Set Zoom Level [ Zoom In ]
                Set Zoom Level [ Zoom Out ]
                End If
                End Loop


                 (assuming gZoomLevel has one of the valid zoom level values.)


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                     Thanks for the scripts, I'll give 'em a try.