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    Set-Up a "Find Screen"



      Set-Up a "Find Screen"


           Hello FM Forum,

           I am writing this post because I am looking for some suggestions about how to set up a "find screen" on a database for my school. We currently have an inventory of over 400 tools, and we would like to make it easy for students to search this database, as opposed to having to do a Quick Find every time they want to find something.

           What is the best way of setting up a layout that will prompt you for information, and will also give you errors if you have not entered your search criteria properly? I am fairly new to FileMaker, so if anyone could point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.


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               To set up a "Find Screen", I'd create a layout with a global field that corresponds with a field in my table that I want to search when the find is performed. I can either have a scritp that switches to this layout or a script that displays this window in a new modal window. Either way, the user fills in data in the fields and then clicks a button to perform a script that uses the data in the global fields to perform the needed find and display the results.

               See this thread for a number of script examples that use data entered into global fileds to construct find criteria and then perform the find. Scripted Find Examples

               See below for an image of just such a find screen I use in some of my solutions when performing a find using date criteria: