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Set/Update a Field

Question asked by C.AllenCrawford on Dec 14, 2012
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Set/Update a Field


     Got some help here to get the Case statement below. Just learning the software please bear with me...

     The Case statement posts a field with an amount.... In another table I have a field which I want to keep a cumulative amount to date after each posting. The format in the FM Help showed me the second statement which I filled in but doesn't work.

     I have a cumulative amount field in table 2 and a weekly posting in table 1. When an amount meets the date test in table 1, I want to update the table 2 field to keep a cumulative annual amount.


     Date> Date ( 12 ; 31 ; 2011) and Date < Date ( 1 ; 1 ; 2013 ) and Type="Pledge" ; Amount
     Set Field [Table 2::${2012CumPledge}; Table 2::${2012CumPledge}+${12PledgeWK}]