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Setfield only working on first record on a different table

Question asked by smkoonjul on Jun 14, 2010
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Setfield only working on first record on a different table




Been going through the forums the last couple months trying to build a lending database (FM 10). It's been really helpful.

I'm having a problem with setting a field from another table and it's probably a good time for me to ask for help.


I have a Reports Table where when the file is opened, a new record is created listing the consultant logged in, date time etc and then has a field for all Check Outs by users during this consultant's shifts.


Everytime a user checks out an item I run a check out script which creates a new record in Transactions with the item, user, date time etc. During the script, I want to append to the Check Out field of the record in Reports with a specific string of info.


SetFeld[Reports::Check Out; Reports::Check Out & Users::UserID & " - " & Equipment::Serial Number & "¶"]


So everytime a check out occurs, that field in Reports is added to.


The problem I'm having right now is that even all the Check out lines are going to just the FIRST record of the Reports table and not the most recent one. So even when I close the file, reopen, new record created in Reports, the Check Out script still inserts the text in the field of the first record in Reports.


If anyone could help, that'd be great.