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    SetField Script step question



      SetField Script step question


      I wrote a fairly basic script to move data from one field to another.

      Go to layout
      Show all records
      Find Recordset I want to modify
      Go to first record
      Set Field A to Field B
      Set Field B to ""
      Next Record (Exit after last)
      End Loop

      The problem is that after running the script both Field A and Field B ware wiped with the data was nowhere to be found.

      Now, I know I can use a variable to store the field value before running the SetField script step, and fortunately I do have a backup of my data so it can be restored.

      The question is "why" the script failed. It produced no errors and I double checked to make sure I didn't make any silly mistakes like wiping field B before setting field A. My best guess would be that setting Field A to Field B in this manner might set a pointer to the data rather than copying over the value or that filemaker ran the SetField steps in a different order than I specified in the script, but both these options seem rather unlikely.

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          You'll need to share the actual script so that we can see the details instead of just an outline.

          My guess is that Field A and Field B are not defined in the same table. Either that or if they are from the same table, you did not use the same table occurrence name to refer to each field. But I can only guess from the info so far provided.

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            Thanks for your reply.

            After getting some sleep and doing another test I realised that I must have triggered the script twice instead of just once as it had no failsafe to stop empty cells from being copied over. As the script now runs fine with no modifications made, its the best explanation for what must have happened. That's what I get for overt thinking things :)