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Question asked by Jmcl07 on Feb 22, 2014
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Setting & Ranking Groups


     Hi Everyone,

     I am creating a database for a sporting event.

     All compete in rounds and come out with an overall point score & place. All competitors are members of a zone. At the end of the day I have to pull out the top 4 competitors (Based on overall points) from each zone to make a "team" (Teams are not preselected, it is based only on their scores at the end of the day) . The Zone teams are then ranked on the teams total points (Only the best 3 competitors to count so a team of 3 can compete equally with a team of four). Zones with 2 or less competitors cannot form a team. 

     I then need to be able to display these results on a print out.

     Are there any suggestions on how I might achieve this?