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setting a "flag field" for multiple records

Question asked by on Dec 18, 2014
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setting a "flag field" for multiple records


Hi all. We are using Filemaker for our contacts and mail chimp to send email campaigns. When sending a campaign I export a found set of contacts to mail chimp and work within mail chimp to create the HTML email... That works for us for now.

I am having trouble flagging the contact records in filemaker to be associated with multiple email campaigns.

I am currently using one check box field in the contacts table. (see attached pic) The list is referencing a different table of campaign names.

I am having trouble setting the newly added campaign to that check box field without blowing away the previously checked names.and when I try to go back to a found set of records and add a campaign name to the check box field using replace, it also wipes out the previously checked campaign names. I have tried using a portal system to relate the campaign names and the challenge of setting or associating multiple contact records with the one campaign is still unmanageable. any suggestions?

Thanks, John