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Setting a calculation result to a minimum amount?

Question asked by SteveMND on Feb 22, 2009
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Setting a calculation result to a minimum amount?


Greetings all.  I'm using Filemaker for personal (as opposed to business) reasons, and so I'm not exactly what you'd call a math wiz.  I've come across a situation in designing a calculation field, but I'm not sure of the formula I need to do so.


Basically, what I want is to have the calculation field do some math, and return what the final result is.  No problem.  However, I also want to ensure that there is a minimum value for that result.


For example, the formula is X-Y, and the threshold is 20.  So 100-20 would return 80, 150-100 would return 50, but 50-45 would return 20, not 5.


I suspect I could do it fair enough with the if/then bit, but I suspect there may be a simpler operation in there I'm missing.