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Setting a field value from a button

Question asked by NoamLerner on Jan 22, 2012
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Setting a field value from a button


Hello all,


I'm very new to FileMaker, so I hope I'm asking a correct question. Please feel free to correct me or to suggest a design change.

I have a Projects table, where I have to fill in contact information (in a corresponding form). The field is contact_id. I also have a contacts table that contains the contact information.

I would like to have a "contact_id" field in the project form that will be filled when a user finds the correct user information: Next to the "contact_id" field, I would like to have a button that will take the user to another form (say "Find Contacts"), the user will find the correct contact, and then hit a "set contact" button, and then the user will be taken back to the projects form where the contact_id field is set to the found contact information.

I made the forms, and wrote some scripts (there's a similar case in "FileMaker: The missing manual" which helped a little) , but what I couldn't do is to get the contact_id field from the search result (the "Find Contacts" form) and to set it to the contact_id field in the Projects form.


Thank you in advance for any help,