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Setting a Find Request in IWP

Question asked by RayMentor on Dec 7, 2009
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Setting a Find Request in IWP


Got what seems like an easy question. Trying to get a simple script working in IWP. Works fine in regular FM, but not in IMP.


The script in question allows the user to pick 1 or more search criteria from layout A (there are 4 global text fields each with a separate value list being displayed in "radio button" format so user can only pick one search criteria per field , switch to layout B, go into Find mode and apply the values selected in Layout A to a Find in Layout B. The selections in Layout A are set to variables when user is in Layout A and then applied to the appropriate fields in the find request in Layout B) . Both layout A & B display the same table.


What I'm getting is no find being executed at all when script is run in IWP. Instead, all records appear in Layout B.


Must be missing something simple. Any ideas would be appreciated.