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Setting a layout object's attributes with a script

Question asked by wonderbike on Jun 11, 2010
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Setting a layout object's attributes with a script




I am using Filemaker Pro 11 on Windows Vista, and am relatively new to Filemaker in general. My first post to this forum was so productive, I thought I would do another.


What I am trying to do seems like it should be possible, but after an hour or more of googling, I am no closer to an answer.


Using the GetLayoutObjectAttribute, it is possible to find out all kinds of things about an object, like its position, size, etc. Is there any way to change these attributes with a script or with conditional formatting? It seems like this would be fairly useful, but I can't find any way to get it done.


I am working on a schedule layout for a classroom to be created based on class time information already stored in the database.


I would like for the various classes to be displayed like this:





Classroom 101-----|class A|-----------------------|Class B|----------------------------|Class C             |-----------------------



I am thinking of setting several portals on top of each other, using the "initial row" setting to reference a number of related classes, and then making the fields for each class be sized based on the length of the class.


If it is not possible to resize and re-position those fields using a script or conditional formatting, does anyone have a suggestion as to how else to accomplish this scheduling layout?


Thanks in advance for any help.