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Setting a variable from a value list

Question asked by robdownunder on Jun 1, 2011
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Setting a variable from a value list


G'day all,

I have a need to set a variable based on a value list.

You'll probably jump in and suggest to use a global field to capture the input from the layout, which works fine, until there are no visible records.

In the scenario I have, I'm using the user input from the value list to extend the found records STARTING FROM 0 RECORDS, and I can't set the field to a non-existent record.

I'd like to go straight from a value list to a variable.

Can this be done ?

I'm thinking I'll have to make the input a button that opens a new window with a stripped down layout displaying a record's value listed field. I'd then set a global variable from the selected field's input.  Any simpler solutions ?