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    Setting Alerts through Membership Database



      Setting Alerts through Membership Database


      I have a membership database currently up and running. I was wondering how you can make a notification for things such as membership renewal? Ideally I would want to be able to put in the date they purchased membership, and have my system notify me every month who needs to renew. 

      Is there any way to do this?

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          There are multiple ways to do this.

          What form do you want the notification to take? A message that pops up the first time you open the database each day that you open it? A script that runs once a day that sends you an email?

          Best guess is that you have yearly memberships, but this works for other membership set ups--including cases where members can purchase different multi-year memberships or even monthly memberships.

          For the first option that I mentioned--a pop up message the first time you open the file, you can use file options to perform a script. The script performs a find to find all members that you need in your notification. If records are found it displays them in a list, if none are found or this is the second time to open the file on that day, nothing is displayed.

          All of this requires scripting and the criteria used in the script depends on what type of membershps can be purchased and how far in advance of the membership expiration date you want to see them in your notification message. THe script can log the date each time it runs in a related utility table so that it only does notifications once a day by comparing the date in a date field in this table to get ( CurrentDate ).