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setting field from one portal to another in same layout

Question asked by JantzSelk on Aug 22, 2011
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setting field from one portal to another in same layout


Hey everyone,

I have a table/layout called Compound Formula, it has a portal that displays records from an inventory table (via a value list). The Inventory::ingredientName field in the portal has the "auto-complete using value list" because there is approx 500 records so it would be a pain to scroll through the list.

Anyways here is the current problem, because there are so many records and due to the limitations of the auto-complete some users have trouble finding a record. For example, if they are looking for bubblegum flavor but when the record was created in the Inventory table it was written flavour, bubblegum the value list won't display any records.

To help solve this problem i am toying with the idea of using a global search field and a filtered portal to display the inventory table records, which can then be used to populate the original portal. This would allow users to type in bubblegum and it would find the record regardless if it was entered as bubblegum flavour or flavour, bubblegum. 

I have the global search and the filtered portal set up and displaying the Inventory Search::IngredientName Field my problem now is that i need to find a way to select a record from this portal and set it into the first portal. I was thinking i would change the IngredientName field in the filtered portal to a button along with a script but i am having trouble getting a script to do what i want so i am looking for a little help!