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setting initial window on Start up

Question asked by robyne on Mar 28, 2013
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setting initial window on Start up


     Using FM12

     I've recently added an opening script that sends user to differnet windows on start up, depending on what type of computer they are using (desktop vs. ipad) and what security level they are(managers vs. staff).  There is a brief moment where FM is loading that the start up window is the the managers window and it doesn't change until the start up script is triggered.  How can I change this?  I suspect that FM is "remembering" my main window before I uploaded it to the server but frankly, I don't understand the point of the "onopenwindow" script if the program will go somewhere I don't want it to go before opening to the correct screen.

     FYI, I've tried incorporating a "white screen" at the open & close on a local version of our database BUT this doesn't fix the problem either.  White screen shows up first, then the last opened main screen, then the correct main screen.