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Setting Next Serial Number when text is used.

Question asked by Blueysboy4 on Jan 4, 2009
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Setting Next Serial Number when text is used.


Hi Filemaker Community,


I have developed a solution and im now working on the upgrade side of it.

Im having trouble and this is why.

I have a client database and the serial number in CN004 for example.

If i export these files and have a script in the uprgaded clients database to suck in these files and then set the next serial it is not picking up the text CN that is in front of the number.

So when i look at my upgraded clients file the next serial number that is created for my next new client is 005 with out the CN.

How do i get the script step set next serial number to recoginse that there is text to go in front of the number? And also i have noticed that the set next serial number script step does not recognise the 00 that are after the CN.

So really the next cleint i create after the import of the old file to the new file is 5.


Hope this makes sense.


Thanking you in advance for your help.