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    Setting Omit flag for find in script.



      Setting Omit flag for find in script.


      I'm writing a script which should do the following - find records in a database which are supposed to be in a warehouse, then take in item numbers one at a time, and remove them from the found set, leaving at the end records which should be in but don't seem to be there. The structure is -

      take item # from user in dialog box, put it in field "Item to find"
      enter find mode
      switch to omit mode (but can't do this)
      set field "item #" to contents of "item to find" field
      perform find (which means omit this record from found set, except of course now it doesn't
      end loop

      I can't get the omit mode set. I found something in the knowledge base which says with FM 3 there is an "Omit" script step to do this, but it doesn't seem to exist anymore. I even tried using Perform Applescript to send Command - t to FM, but it won't accept keys from applescripts. I can't use Edit Find Request to do omit since the find is always changing. HELP!