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Setting Privileges minus Delete facility

Question asked by Ajnabi121 on Nov 16, 2009
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Setting Privileges minus Delete facility


Hi Everyone,


I'm quite new to FileMaker Pro and I need some advice/assistance:

I am running FileMaker Pro 9 on Windows XP. 


I have created a database to record personal details and record of action including progress of all our clients. Up until now ONLY I have have been uploading all the data as I was also developing the database (work in progress).  I am now in the position where I would like to allow other team members to upload information onto the database too.


I have created separate logins for different team members and have managed to setup layers so that only that particular team member can see his/hers relevant section (all the other layers are hidden).


I am trying to set up privileges for them so that they can create and edit new records but NOT DELETE any (to do that they will have to go through me, this is also to stop them deleting records by accident as I will be monitoring the database).  When I create the privilege set as describes, I get an error message <No Access> when I log in as this particular team member (Data Entry Only and Read-Only Access privileges work fine).


I've looked throught the posts (and the manuals) but have not been successful in finding any solution as to why the message is coming up.


Any help would be greatly welcomed.



Thanking you all in advance.