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Setting size of custom label

Question asked by mwtse on Jul 4, 2010
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Setting size of custom label


I'm using FMP10 on OS10.6.4, printing with A4 laser printer.

Trying to create a layout to print labels. The label I used is A4 in size with 14 x 4 = 56 labels each sheet, the labels fill up the sheet without any margin.

I created the custom sized labels, using the correct size (5.25 x 2.12 cm), shrink the header to zero height, set the top and bottom margin to zero.

However, the last row of labels will just printed on next page (i.e. I could only have 13 x 4 per sheet). If I reduce the height of the labels bit by bit, eventually I could get the last row on the first page. But then another problem appear, the first row of the second page will be printed higher than the first page, not to mention that the labels are printing with incorrect vertical space between them.

It seems that it is the problem of size setting, may be the round-off error accumulated.

Is there a way to reset the position every page, so that the errors do not get carried to next page?

Or should I work the other way round, adjust the size of the page so that the labels will fit?

P.S. what is the meaning of the dialogue "use fixed page margin"?