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    Setting tables up properly



      Setting tables up properly


      I'm setting up my FlightsLegs and I can't figure out how to set up the following

      Table 1 Flights

      Table 2 Airports

      Table 3 Terminals (there are several terminals at each airport that I need to choose from)

      Table 4 (Join Table) Flight Legs


      In my flights layout I have a FlightLegs portal.  I can add airport and show their related data. I want the user to be able to select which terminal to use after the airport chosen but I can't figur out how to set up the

      1) relationship

      and subsequintly 

      2) value list drop down

      I want it to only show the Terminals that are avaiable at that airport in the drop down box.



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          The relationship to Terminals lets you present the user with a list of terminals limited to just those found at a particular airport while ArrTerminals|FlightLeg shows the specific Arrival terminal specified for that leg of the person's filght.

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             Got it

            1) Does the    |   character represent a join table in the diagram?

            2) Do I use the   FlightLeg>----AirPort|Arriving-----<Terminals  relationship for  "Include Only Related Value Starting from" ?


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              1) It does not, it's just part of the name of a table occurrence "box" in Manage|database|relationships

              2) That is certainly the most typical option and a good choice for what should be a pretty short list of options. Terminals would be your source of values and FlightLeg would be your "starting from" table occurrence.


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                Okay got it

                AirPort|Arriving     (Is this a TO of Aiports?)

                ArrTerminal|FlightLeg     (Is this also a TO of Airports?)

                Airports|Terminal     (Is this a TO of Terminals?)