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Setting the Current Record and Reflecting Its Status

Question asked by RodrigoPerez on Jun 18, 2012
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Setting the Current Record and Reflecting Its Status


I have been busy learning all kinds of things about scripting by trial and error, but have run into a couple of things that I could use some help with.

First of all, it's not clear to me how to set a record as the currently active record.  I've found that I can do a search for a particular record in a table and that the following script actions will then modify that particular record, but is there another way or a more common/direct way of making a particular record active?

Secondly, I'm trying to do something that is proving to be rather tricky or at least it's got me buffaloed.  I'm continuing development of my Projects database that has Tasks associated with each project.  As part of each Task, there is a Task Status field with radio button options for Active, Inactive, etc., and also a Task Priority field with radio button options for Emergency, High, Medium, etc., as shown in the attached screen capture below, which shows just the lower Task portion of the Project layout with the portal to the Task table.

What I want to happen is to have the Task Status and Task Priority radio buttons display the current selections/entries for the record that gets selected in the portal.  Thus, when you click on a record in the Tasks portal, the radio buttons below will change to show you what has already been entered into the fields.  The record that has been selected also needs to remain the currently active record so that if I click on one of the Task radio buttons, that information is transferred into the currently selected record.

Hopefully this is doable and once again, I've probably missed something obvious or fundamental, but I could sure use some pointers/tips right about now!