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Setting the foreign key by picking the entry's name?

Question asked by BenjaminLea on Feb 6, 2011
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Setting the foreign key by picking the entry's name?


I am a new user to FileMaker Pro, and I am setting up an inventory database for my work.

I have two tables "Supplier" and "Item" that are related by the field SupplierID.  When I create an Item I specify its SupplierID which links it to the corresponding Supplier.  Thanks to this, I can display information about the Supplier on the Item layout.

For the Item form, is it possible to make a field called "Supplier Name" that is a drop-down menu, showing all of the existing Suppliers?  At the moment it can display the Supplier Name, but to actually change the supplier you have to know the SupplierID.

I hope I haven't made this way too confusing to understand.  I've attached a picture of the relation if it helps.

Thanks in advance for your help!