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Setting the foundation

Question asked by StephenTyler on Jul 11, 2011
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Setting the foundation


I am new to FMP and as such I am attempting a rather complicated situation using as much as possible the starter solutions to get me up and running till I can do some more in depth manipulation myself.

I am keeping track of Student Records, Personnel Records, and Asset Management.

What I would love to do at this point is take the Lending Library starter solution and instead of trying to import all three of those db's worth of info, just have it reference those DB's to pull the Contact and Asset info from.

I have figured out how I can reference the external data, and can even perform lookups if necessary. The only thing is I have to manually create a record and populate the ID #'s (Every student, personnel, and asset has a unique # already assigned). From there I can get the fields to lookup. Only problem is I would have to manually do that (or create a script, which I have no clue how to do) and I cant figure a way to pull from two external sources into a single table (i.e. Student and Personnel).

Is it possible to setup the Lending Library to just automatically create a new Asset everytime a new Asset is created in my asset management (and conversely to delete), is there a way to do the same from both the Student Records and Personnel Records into the Contacts table of the Lending Library? Even if its not automatic I am not opposed to having the records created only when someone or something is checked out, which I can do now, except I cant seem to lookup from two different external sources.

Am I totally going about this the wrong way?

Any ideas?