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Setting up a CRM

Question asked by Rich1 on Nov 16, 2008
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Setting up a CRM




Hopefully folks can help. I am currently looking into setting up a file server and separate server for serving databases for a company. They currently use Sage and it is proving to be a bottleneck to the current system particularly when reports are run.


It is currently all windows but might run a Mac Pro as a server. The company manages their accounts through Sage but have a file system to manage customers, returns etc and I would prefer to bring this all under one roof.


Firstly, what would I need in terms of running FM please? If I load it onto a server, do I simply need a copy of FM server edition or do I need extra copies for each user please?


Secondly, is their ready made databases available for management of clients, suppliers, returns, accounts, despatch etc. please?