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    Setting up a CRM



      Setting up a CRM




      Hopefully folks can help. I am currently looking into setting up a file server and separate server for serving databases for a company. They currently use Sage and it is proving to be a bottleneck to the current system particularly when reports are run.


      It is currently all windows but might run a Mac Pro as a server. The company manages their accounts through Sage but have a file system to manage customers, returns etc and I would prefer to bring this all under one roof.


      Firstly, what would I need in terms of running FM please? If I load it onto a server, do I simply need a copy of FM server edition or do I need extra copies for each user please?


      Secondly, is their ready made databases available for management of clients, suppliers, returns, accounts, despatch etc. please?






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          Thank you for your post.


          FileMaker Pro will allow you to share a database file with ten other FileMaker Pro users.  If you need more than ten users accessing the database, then you will also need FileMaker Pro Server.


          FileMaker Pro Server merely serves the files.  Everyone still needs FileMaker Pro to access the file.


          FileMaker, Inc. does not develop any additional solutions except those that come with the product.  You are free to modify those solutions.  There are thousands of FileMaker developers, so you may want to contact one in your area.  Please see our web site for a list of consultants nearest you.




          For more information about FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Server, please see the product information on our web site at:





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