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Setting Up A Development Copy

Question asked by RonCates on Jul 28, 2010
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Setting Up A Development Copy


I would like to set up a development version of my Database so that I can use it to continue developing instead of working on the live file. I am hoping that someone will be willing to walk me through the process of setting this up.

I know I need to save a sepearate copy of the file to do my development on. Then when I am ready to upgrade the live file I should delete all records in the dev file, import the current records from the live file and replace it with the dev file.

My first question is how should I go about deleting all records from the dev file? Is there a way to do it all at once or does it have to be done table by table in which case how would I write a script to do this?

The next question is of course, how would I go about importing all records into the empty dev file?