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setting up a find "after chosen date"

Question asked by tomo17 on Jan 21, 2011
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setting up a find "after chosen date"


I am sure that there is a simple answer and that i am being thick but i cant seem for the life of me to find the solution that works or explains it simply enough for me to get it to work.

I have a series of records that has a finish date as a field.  I am trying to set up a layout such that i can chose a date using a drop down calendar and then find records with the finish date that occurs after the chosen date.  i can do this by using the find function on that particular layout but this is not how i want it to work.  My problem comes when trying to work out what field to use to define the search.

Do i have to create a search date field on this table and then have the script run or can i use the finish date field to run this script?

Many thanks