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setting up a single "binary" checkbox?

Question asked by DonorTracker on Feb 2, 2009
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setting up a single "binary" checkbox?


Noobie question from a Bento graduate:


In Bento a checkbox is a single field with it's own binary (0|1) field-type. 


I'm converting my Bento databases to FMPro and I'm having trouble setting up a comparable single checkbox that takes a value of 1 when checked, or 0 when not checked.


For starters, the FMPro language throws me: I don't want a "set" of checkboxes -- I just want one checkbox, whose value toggles between 1 and 0 or TRUE and FALSE (if that is a better term for FMPro).


Can someone help me out in terms that a Bento graduate can understand?  Thanks!


BTW I use a lot of checkboxes, so hopefully the FMPro technique is not too involved.


BTW2 I don't care how the checkbox looks; I only care how it works.