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Setting up automated reminder

Question asked by ShawnRiley on Jan 12, 2013
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Setting up automated reminder


     I have limited knowledge when it comes to Filemaker. I am able to get by making the basic things work and designing databases that are pretty basic usually by trial and error and reading in these forums. This issue has stumped me and unfortionatly I am out of time and need to figure out how to have this reminder set up asap if it is even possible at all. Hopefully in as simple a way as possible. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

     I have an employee database for a security company that I need to set up an automated reminder when the employees California Guard card is about to expire. I would like it to notify me when I open the database, of any employee that has a Guard card that is going to expire with in 30 days. It would need to open a 3rd party (outlook) email program and send out an email reminder to 1 specified email address so that that person is notified to call the employee and make sure they get  their guard card renewed. I pretty much have the email part figured out but am having trouble getting it to determine who falls with in the 30 day time frame. Also is there a way that once the database notifies me of an employee that is now with in their 30 day expiration period that it wont continue to notify me each day that the same employee from the day before now has 29 days. Im trying to avoid being sent an email for the same person 30 times, one for each day further along the 30 day period. The last part I could live with if need be.

     Here is the info on what I have.

     FM Pro 12

     FM server 12 hosting the database

     Among many other fields I have a field for the employees First name and a field for the employees Last name

     Another field that has the expiration date of the guard card entered into it

     A field with the actual guard card # in it