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Setting up clickable individual URLs in filemaker pro 12

Question asked by CharlieCarlton-Smith on Mar 19, 2014
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Setting up clickable individual URLs in filemaker pro 12


     Hi Everyone,

     I am very new to database software and am struggling with URLs in filemaker pro 12.  I have a table of compounds and each compound has a website address for full information on it.  I want this URL to be in my database and clickable such then when it is clicked the corresponding website opens.

     I have been able to setup a "website" box/field and can associate a URL with it but all 70 compounds opens the same URL and I want a separate URL for each entry into the database.

     It needs to be that people can input the URL into the "website" box/field.  I have spent a long time trying to find the answer to this but alas I have been unsuccessful.  This is both because I am struggling to understand many of the posts but is also because I cannot find a post that addresses this issue.  I found some that were close but I could not get to work.  I have searched the help files and found them to be very unhelpful, especially as it is so difficult to work out the terminology of what to search.

     Please can someone give me the steps that I need to do to resolve this?  Any and all help is very much appreciated.

     Thanks and kind regards,