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    setting up complex consumables inventory and linking it to purchase orders



      setting up complex consumables inventory and linking it to purchase orders


      We have one database called "CONSUMABLES" started from the " INVENTORY" starter solution template within Filemaker 11.  We would like to maintain an inventory of all of our regularly depleting resources in three distinct categories. INK, BULBS, and CHEMISTRY with a fourth category reserved for PURCHASE ORDERS for reorders of the aforementioned categories. 

      We would like to have an inventory summary report for each category. 

      For example: At the end of Sunday (when our inventory gets done) we want a summary report that tells us:

      Each item, number to reorder, and the associated calculated fields to give us total cost for each item. Then we want to create a purchase order out of this information using drop down options (like vendor) that will pull associated information (like shipping address/payment information/etc)

      Also, we will be using FM Touch plugin/app for the iPad so our workers can enter in stock amounts in various rooms via the iPad.


      Is it correct to create four separate layouts within the consumables inventory database? Three layouts for inventory and one layout for purchase orders? Should I have a primary general inventory called CONSUMABLES for the import of records, then three separate layouts for individual categories?

      Should I just use tabs within one layout? and then do a sort within the inventory summary report?

      What is the best way to alter the existing Inventory.fp7 template in File Maker Pro 11 to achieve what I'm trying to do?

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          You'll need to consider your table structure before looking at your needs in terms of layouts. There've been several threads in this forum that deal with an "inventory log" approach that would seem to be a good fit for what you want here. You should be able to use the forum search tool to find them. The basic concept is to treat inventory like a ledger where each change in inventory is logged like a deposit or withdrawel from a bank account and calculations and summary fields then compute the current "balance" to tell you how much of each item you have on hand.

          A summary report based on this log can then tell you current levels for each item, grouped by your categories. Other reports and/or charts can be developed that also tell you how your inventory levels change over time which is useful to many businesses.