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Setting up CRM (Customer relationship management) app with Filemaker

Question asked by Guilherme on Jan 20, 2009
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Setting up CRM (Customer relationship management) app with Filemaker


Hello, I am interesting in setting up a CRM app. Within File Maker. I still do not own a FM copy and I am not a database specialist, so although I consider myself a fast learner, it would be best to have a template to work with. Or at least to start from.


My needs are to manage all my customer projects, linking to incoming and outgoing emails related to specific projects, linking to the customer information all its contacts... Having option to set up the following actions or activities within each project:


- Customer Inquiry (with begin and end date to follow up in iCal - Also to import and export e-mails to

- Supplier Inquiry ( " " )

- Supplier Offer ( " " )

- Customer Offer ( " " )

- Negotiation emails

- Order Information

- Order Confirmation (from Supplier with shipping information)

- Shipping Documents

- Commission follow up information.


I want to be able to retrieve open offer reports by customer / by region, etc...


This is a general view of my needs, of course I could work with something simpler, but this is my final objective.

Can anyone give me indication if FM is the right way to do this tasks? Can anyone give any tips on how to do this? Is there any template I can work with?


I am a one person Company and I want to keep historical information in a digital way instead of working around with several papers and part in spreadsheets...


I see I can share the information online which is very important to me. I could have my supplier to see the order online this way (I suppose)...


I appreciate any comment or tips on how to do this..