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Setting up Data Entry forms using multiple tables

Question asked by cinderjack on Dec 29, 2013
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Setting up Data Entry forms using multiple tables


     (I've tried searching on this, but not sure I'm using the right syntax)

     I'm new to FM Pro and am just setting up my data entry forms.  I have 2 tables (Client_Visit and Client) that I need to use on my main data entry form.  I'll be entering the visit date (easy enough) and then I need to select the Client from the Client table before entering the rest of the details about the particular visit.  I'm just not clear on how to set that up to pull up the Client information.  I have a ClientIDPK (joined to ClientIDFK in Client_Visit) and then I have separate fields for First Name and Last Name.  What's the best way to look up the Client record to relate to the particular Client_Visit record?