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Setting up email using AOL

Question asked by bthompson on Jul 20, 2009


Setting up email using AOL


I am having trouble setting up AOL as my email account in FMP 10 v3.  I have set it up as follows:

Send via:  SMTP Server (all information needed has been added in the Specify section including outgoing server as "", server port = 587, authentication is Plain Password, my user name and password).  I have tried entered an email addterss in the "To" for testing purposes to no avail.  The error message is "Email(s) could not be sent successfully."


I am running Windows XP Pro.  I generally use MS Outlook with a Yahoo account and can get that to work using the email client function.  However, I have developed this database for a friend and she only uses AOL.  I contacted AOL and they said it was a FMP problem and were zero help other than to confirm I had the right settings as noted above.  Anyone have any success in getting AOL to work?


Thank you in advance for your help and advice.


Regards,  Bev