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Setting up fields in Layout

Question asked by JulieByrd on Nov 28, 2010
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Setting up fields in Layout


I am looking for patterns in microscopic wear on artifacts.  I have already recorded data to describe the type of wear observed and am trying to fit it into my database.

I created five seperate fields to describe patterns of wear on artifacts (drop down choices are in parentheses):

1) direction of wear  (Longitudinal, Oblique, Transverse, Random)
2)  # location of wear (#)
3) measured from (base, tip, haft)
4)  depth of wear (gouge, deep, medium, light, very light)
5) length of  wear (long, short)

My problem is, sometimes I recorded several sets of this data for a single artifact.  In my database, one record=one artifact.  For example, I have recorded this for a single artifact:

Oblique, 4 mm from base, deep, short

Transverse, 10 mm from tip, medium, short

Oblique, 15 mm from base, deep, long

How do I "duplicate" these 5 fields so I can search for something in all of them?  For example, I will want to pull up all artifacts with Transverse Wear (a drop down option for field 1).  Merely duplicating or copying them does not allow me to enter unique data.  Defining new fields ("Direction of Wear 2", "Location of Wear 2") does not allow me to search for all Transverse Wear... as far as I know.

Please offer advice on how to set it up to be searchable or tell me how to better perform Finds.

Thank you from a new Filemaker user!