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    Setting up FM Pro 12 on LAN and accessing remotely



      Setting up FM Pro 12 on LAN and accessing remotely


           I have managed to set up a Mac Pro in our office to act as a server for our FM database, everything seemed fine until this morning. (we are using windows laptops but have had no issues except for one guy who can't see the FM files)

           I should state that I'm no IT guy but have manged to learn a few things along the way.

           A few days ago I was able to access the database after setting up port forwarding (5003) on the router and all is fine on the local network. I had also managed to access the database remotely on other networks through some advice, trial and error and dogged determination, I thought setting up an account with no-ip.com would work using the Dynamics DNS, everything was fine until this morning, while on another network I tried accessing via Favorite Hosts but no files were displayed when highlighting the usual IP address in the Open Remote File window. I looked up the router setting and saw that the Dynamics DNS had changed, I guess being dynamic it will change periodically?

           Can anyone tell me how I can access remotely and what I have to set up? Am I missing something simple here, should I be able to access remotely via the same way we can on the local network?

           Would appreciate some quick responses if possible.






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               I've managed to get it set up, however not all of us can connect either locally or remotely.

               First of all the server is based in China but some of us need access outside of China, I have already accessed our FM database from various networks in China and also using a VPN with a UK IP address. One of our guys in Australia wasn't able to access it and one of our guys here on the local network couldn't access the database via the Local Hosts network path.

               I think everyone has tried turning off their firewalls etc without success.

               We will eventually move the server to Singapore but some users will still need access from China.

               Any ideas on why some can't access the DB?




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                 If you are using the no-ip.com to deal with the database being on a computer with a dynamic ip address, it sounds like that is where your issue is. I have heard of another site you can do this on, and it worked by your modem updating the site with the ip address periodically and what you did would go to a desired host name and that pointed you to where your file s hosted.

                 I really think you need to contact no-ip.com to make sure you have everything set up correctly. Your modem should be updating the IP address to no-ip.com so you can connect. At least this is my understand of how those types of services work. i would also check with them to make sure the server they are using is not blocking any IP addresses or countries.

                 Also I don't see why turning off the firewall of the client pc's trying to connect would be an issue a long as Filemaker is allowed through.

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                   Thanks for the reply Marc.

                   Initially I was using the IP address instead of the host name, since changing to the Host name it seemed to have resolved the issue for the majority of users however some still can't see any files after adding and highlighting the correct network path (username.no-ip.biz:5003) in Favorite Hosts or Mac Pro Server (xx.x.x.xx) in Local Hosts.