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Setting up Invoice Relationships

Question asked by user20843 on Apr 7, 2011
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Setting up Invoice Relationships


I have a basic invoice set up with:

Customers::CustomerID = Invoice::CustomerID

Invoice::InvoiceID = LineItem::InvoiceID

LineItem::ProductID = Product::ProductID

Which works fine for billing products, I would like to take this ones step further and bill hours. Currently hours is set up as a single product where the quantity is put in but I would like to have the ability to track billable/actual hours. I think I would need two different tables for Product and Billable Hours because I want to add Product by qty and add Hours by start/end times, pulling from a list of multiple types of time so that I can set rules for # of hours billable and track if billable roughtly equals actual.

What is the best way to get both products and billable hours into the  same invoice if they come from two different table? Through the invoice  table with two line items tables(one for hours and one for products) or through one  invoice lines table? Can this be done without multiple portals on the invoice page?

Thank you.