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Setting up my database is making me feel so dumb!

Question asked by SallyStaples on Jun 17, 2014
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Setting up my database is making me feel so dumb!


     I used to feel like a competent person, who knew my way around a computer. I knew databases; once upon a time, I even knew Filemaker Pro (that was a verrrry long time ago). Now that I'm trying to set up a database for my own small business, the program seems to have defeated me. Please help!

     I am a cat groomer. My business consists of clients, who own cats, which I groom. I need my clients as "parents", each of whom will have one or more cats as "children". I have a nice table and layout for each group, and I even have some buttons and scripts linking them, and I thought I had built my relationships appropriately. Apparently not.

     What I want is, after I fill in my client information, to click through to fill in their cat information. There may be more than one cat. I want the cats to show up on the client page (I made a portal), but it's not populating as I want it to. When I'm finished entering all the cats for each client, I want to enter a new client, and their cats. 

     Eventually, I'll want to set up bill items, grooming notes, invoices... but that can wait. Having a decent CRM system would be an awesome place to start.

     I've been through the guide/manual and Help notes, and the forums, but I just can't find the information that I want. I haven't found a starter solution that provides parent-child set up in a format anything like what I want. 

     Can you help? Point me to the right resources? Write my scripts? Tell me what to do?