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    Setting up print layout



      Setting up print layout


      I have all the data input into my database. Now I am wanting to set up something so when I push print it will print everything in a predetermined layout. How do I do that?

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          In Filemaker, layouts can be used for both printing or data entry.


          Create a layout just like you have for your data entry but set it up to display the data the way you want for your report. (There's a lot of options here and I can't begin to give you advice without knowing a lot more about your database and what kind of report you want.)

          Enter find mode and perform a find to locate the records you want for your report.

          Sort the records into the order you want to see.

          Use Printer Setup to select your printer settings.

          Preview the report to see what it will look like.

          Choose File | Print to print your report. If you are printing a report of just the current record, choose the current record option. If you are printing all the records in your found set, choose "records being browsed".


          Once you can do the above steps by hand, then we can design a script that does this and use a button to do it all in one click.

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               I can do that (sry I should have clarified). I am looking for how to get the button to do it in one click.   :)
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              Do you know how to create scripts?


              If you select scripts | Script Manager, you can create a script that replicates each of your "manual" steps.

              Then you can use the button tool to place a button on your layout and set it up to perform your script.