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Setting up Privileges for IWP - Newbie Question

Question asked by RayGerman on Jan 9, 2013
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Setting up Privileges for IWP - Newbie Question



     There are some very bright minds on this forum. So, I thought I would run this up the flag pole with you guys and see if anyone had any thoughts.

     I am creating a Employee Assesment Database - There will be some sensitive information in the database, so I need to be careful how I set up the security.

     In a nutshell, I have a Finance department that will have full privliges to the database. Each record in the database is for an individual employee. I will then have several Department Managers that will only have access to records for employees under their managment. Department Managers will not be able to edit the fields entered by the Finance Department. I am sure I can achive latter by using one layout for the Finance Department and another for each Department Manager.

     The real question is should I make a seperate table for each Department Manager that only contains records for their employees and control access that way  or is their an easier way, I am not aware of... remember I am new at this :)

     I really dont want a Manger from a different department to see records for an employee not under their managment.

     Any input is welcome...