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Setting up Relationships for Dynamic value lists

Question asked by AliJones on Jun 20, 2013
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Setting up Relationships for Dynamic value lists


     I have been through the education materials but still can't seem to apply this to the database I am building.

     I am building a database to track rotations medical students do. The students do two periods and do two separate services on those two periods. The service name is housed in the 'Facilitator' table. I am trying to set up an easy entry form to select the period that shows the period and the dates (i.e. "Period 1 (5/13/13-7/15/13)" ) from the period table. The student's name ( "FirstName LastName" ) and then the service they will be rotating on. 

     I can't seem to figure out the relationships to get them to populate. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

     Thank you, Ali