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    Setting up Tabs



      Setting up Tabs & Phone # Problems


      I am trying to set up a layout with file folder type tabs.  I follow the instructions, check the help section and they still don't work.


      I have the same info on each tab.  How do I set this up so that it will work?  I'm new to Filemaker, so please don't assume that I know anything about this program.


      Also, I have some fields that are for phone numbers, but when I enter a number I get a formula.  I have looked under formatting numbers, but there isn't anything there to select for a phone number.

      How to I set this up?


      Thanks, TWG 

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           I am unclear as to what you are trying to do. You said that you "have the same info on each tab". What are you then trying to do with the tab control? Perhaps you are misunderstanding their use?


          I think your phone number field issue is a formatting problem. Firstly, there is little reason for this to be a number field - it would behave better as a text field for display and searches. If you really want to keep it as a number field (and please let me know why), you need to format the field to display the number in general number format. To set this, enter Layout mode, click the field and choose Format > Number. Select the correct setting. 

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            Thanks for replying to my questions.


            I have the tabs set up using the tab control set up.  In the layout mode they work just fine.  I want different info on each tab.  Have it set up that way, but when I change to preview or any other mode, all the text from all three tab layouts show on top of each other.  I can't figure out or find out anywhere how to make it work the way it is suppose to work.  Is there something I am missing?  Is there a setting or something that I need to check?


            About the phone number:  Every data base that I have used in the past few years is set so all you do is type in the numbers and it formats it like this:  (777) 555-5555.  I use a data base everyday that is set up so that I can set the default area code so all I have to do is enter the last 7 digits.  If it is a different area code I just type in all 10 numbers and it formats it properly for me.


            Thanks and I appreciate any help you can give me.