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Settings fields so the user has to enter data

Question asked by JudeAshton on May 15, 2014
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Settings fields so the user has to enter data


     Have 6 pages of form layouts, that go in order. After each form(page) there is continue button, with a script that takes it to the next layout.

     I have set all the fields on the form to validate "not empty" so FileMaker prompts them if the data hasn't been populated.

     However it's kind of not working. I am able to go to the next page using the continue button. Then it at some stage might prompt you to fill the field out on the other layout. The problem is then I can't go back to the layout unless I revert the data.

     I don't want the screen to move on till each field is filled. Is this possible or do I have to write a script?


     Thank you.