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setup access to database from remote location

Question asked by ChrisWise on Aug 10, 2011
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setup access to database from remote location


Hello all.


I am an end user, not well versed on administering the filemaker system we have in place so bear with me.

We have a solution running on a dedicated iMac, running 10.6 operating system,  Filemaker Pro Server version 10.  We have 5 users on the local network and all is well.  I need to access the database from home as well as while away on vacation and need help setting that up.  At home I would use a MacBook with filemaker installed, and on vacation using an Ipad (filemaker go installed)  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone walk me through it? 

Using an Apple extreme base station (newest model) and I assume we need to set up some sort of port mapping, but I cannot figure it out.  Also, do we need to set up the web server within filemaker pro server?  


Thank you in advance,