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Setup Button to go to a specific record?

Question asked by AbdoulBaldé on Dec 4, 2013
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Setup Button to go to a specific record?


     Hi , 


     I have 2 related tables:

     Floor Levels:

     - Level_ID (PK)

     - Level_Name


     Rooms & Capacities

     - Room_ID (PK)

     - Room_Name

     - Room_Capacity

     - Level_ID (FK)


     I have linked the table and created a drop down to select the floor level as well as a portal to display the rooms for each floor level. That works fine. 

     NOW, I would like to add buttons on my Layout ( "1", "2" , "3", 4,...) corresponding to the floor level. I think I need to select the go to record script as button setup but then I am stuck at the calculation step. How can I link button "1" to Level 1? 


     Many Thanks. This forum is a gold mine and without it ... :(