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Setup of Client management and treatment history

Question asked by PaulCrossley on Sep 26, 2012
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Setup of Client management and treatment history


Hi guys, I hope you are all well. I'm fairly new to the forum and this is my 1st post.

I am using FM12 to set up a Customer Management system. I have recently gone back to being a self employed massage therapist having been unemployed for a time and going bankrupt due to the property/financial "problems" we currently have.

I've used FM before (FM10 I think) so this basic set up is really frustrating me, I've got info overload and worst still cant find the copy Filemaker Bible I brought last time i created a database the way i wanted it.

I'll try and give as much info as I can (sorry if its to much) so that any other issues you guys can see may be flagged up now.

So...... I want a system where when I see a client for the first time I can record all there data (Contact/emergency contact/medical history) from the consultation form........ so that will be one layout

I also need to record details of each visit/appointment and treatment given (date, type (value list) and a notes field (it will also have a timestamp field)

Then i need to record sales/billing, now most of the time these will be related to a treatment/appointment ^^ (so would be a 1-2-1? to treatments but a many-2-1 for clients?) but sometimes people may also pay in advance for a block of treatment or purchase gift vouchers.

I'm thinking I'd like 2 main layouts.... One for the Initial consultation and then an "Appointments" screen (layout) which would be the main used screen where when i select a client (via value list?) it displays just the main data: Name, age, post code.
Then a portal? with scrollable previous treatment notes plus any relevant medical history.
--- This way I can have a quick look before i see them any info I need to know plus helps with customer service ---

I need to then add details from the current treatment once complete that would enter all the data into the "Treatment" table.
Lastly i would like to be able to input the sales/payment details from that screen or if its easier just create a button that takes me to a/the "payments/sales" screen but with the details pre populated

Ultimately I love to be able to set up a interactive calendar and schedule (was looking at SeeCo's free solution) but thats just too much for now without getting somewhere with the basic setup

At the moment I can't get FM to pull up a clients details into the "Appointment Screen" when I select them from the value list.
and am lost with the same for the sales
Hope that all makes sense.

I've attached some screen shots to what I have that will hopefully help you visualise what I'm thinking and where Im going wrong.

I know there are plenty of similar questions out there but if you would be good enough to reply to my questions I may then be able to connect the dots from the other threads, like I said I'm having knowledge overload and brain block, I'm unable to relate examples to my setup.

Many, many thanks in advance!