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Several Container Queries

Question asked by GarethForwood on Jul 30, 2010
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Several Container Queries


Hi all,

I have a layout called AddPhoto in which I have two container fields for two versions of a particular image("Original_Image" - a RAW CR2 file for which just a thumbnail jpg will be referenced; and "Edited_Photo" - the edited jpg).  There is another almost identical layout called ViewPhoto, in which the fields are read-only and cannot be changed.  

  1. I am about to start importing roughly 4000 records from an excel file, and was wondering if it's possible to have the container field automatically reference a filename that is calculated based on the other fields.  The file path would basically be "/Users/username/Pictures/Year_Month_Day/Photo#.jpg" where Photo# is the filename directly from the camera.
  2. Is it possible to make the insert dialogue for a container field default to a particular folder on the HDD, because right now it defaults to /Users/username and I would prefer it to default ideally to the calculated Year_Month_Day folder or if not the Pictures folder.
  3. Once a photo is referenced in a container field, is there a way to write a script that will open the file in the default program on the computer?  In the case of the original RAW file can I modify this file to change the extension from CR2 to jpg?

Many thanks for any help that can be offered.