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    several portals in list view



      several portals in list view


           Hi everybody!

           I am using filemaker pro 2012 and I am struggeling a little...

           I have 2 tables:

           The table box that has 2 fields (id1, which is unique and created automatically by filemaker when I create a reccord, and box#)

           The table item that has 2 fields as well (id2, unique with the same system as id1 and a boxID)

           The boxID points to id1.

           In a box, I can have several items but an item has to be in a single box...

           I want to display, in a list view of the box table, one portal per box. Each portal displaying all the items that are in this box.

           For example, if I have 4 box, I will display 4 portals and each portal will show all the items in the box.

           I used "=" between id1 and boxID in the relationship and "If ( Item::boxID = Box::id1 ; 1 ; 0 )" as the filter for the portal.

           The problem is that I only see one reccord in every portal even if I have several items...

      Is there anything I did wrong?


           Any help will be appreciated!!!




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               Given your relationship, there is no need for the portal filter. I'd remove it.

               How many portal rows are there in your portal when you check the settings in Portal Setup?

               Is it possible that you have only a one row portal and thus the other items are there but they can't be seen in the portal?

               Have you checked the values in the match fields to make sure that they have the correct values?

               Have you considered a list view of your data based on the item table?

               Such could list your boxes and their contents much more efficiently by putting fields from Box in a sub summary layout part and listing the items beneath them. Such a layout will automatically adjust for differing numbers of items in your boxes.

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                 Hi PhilModJunk!

                 Thank you for your answer.

                 I removed the portal filter and I have 4 portal rows per portal.

                 I have a counter (another field is a calculation in my box table) that shows the number of items that have the corresponding boxID and it works fine so I am sure that I have several items with the same boxID.

                 The problem with a list of portals in the item table is that I will work with boxes afterwards (to ship, store etc...) So for the relationships in my database, I will need to work in the box table..

                 Any other idea?


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                   Well, I copied and paste another portal that works from another form and it works great on my new form...

                   This is exactly the same settings, formulas etc...

                   Thanks for helping me anyway!