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several portals in list view

Question asked by nicolasvallin on May 30, 2013
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several portals in list view


     Hi everybody!

     I am using filemaker pro 2012 and I am struggeling a little...

     I have 2 tables:

     The table box that has 2 fields (id1, which is unique and created automatically by filemaker when I create a reccord, and box#)

     The table item that has 2 fields as well (id2, unique with the same system as id1 and a boxID)

     The boxID points to id1.

     In a box, I can have several items but an item has to be in a single box...

     I want to display, in a list view of the box table, one portal per box. Each portal displaying all the items that are in this box.

     For example, if I have 4 box, I will display 4 portals and each portal will show all the items in the box.

     I used "=" between id1 and boxID in the relationship and "If ( Item::boxID = Box::id1 ; 1 ; 0 )" as the filter for the portal.

     The problem is that I only see one reccord in every portal even if I have several items...

Is there anything I did wrong?


     Any help will be appreciated!!!